10 Tips for Office Cleaning In 2021

Keeping your workplace neat and friendly may boost company productivity and provide a welcome environment for your customers. Cleanliness can also help you retain the best workers, keep investors on board, and enhance your company's image. Especially in the COVID time, the protection method is more critical than ever. That is why the cleaning task in your workplace is crucial: a tidy office helps you maintain your health and protects you and your employees against COVID danger. 

Let's look at 10 of the most crucial cleaning recommendations by QueenBee for your workplace.

1. Make a to-do list

It is critical to choose responsible employees that care as much about a clean workplace as you do. However, we cannot always rely on them to remember the primary cleaning to perform when they leave their workstation, which is why a checklist is required. Basic actions like discarding paper scraps in the rubbish can, turning off their computer and organizing the cords, and keeping their workstations neat can all be included on the checklist.

2. Pay particular care to surfaces with a lot of touches

Countertops, tables, door handles, drawer handles, keyboards, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces abound in offices.

To prevent the transmission of viruses or germs in your workplace, you and your staff should wipe down these surfaces many times a day and disinfect them entirely at least once a day.

3. Don't forget about the flooring

Your daily or weekly office cleaning regimen should include disinfecting your office floors and vacuuming your carpets.

Your workplace flooring will need to be thoroughly cleaned in addition to routine cleaning and vacuuming (including professional carpet cleaning). Floors in high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and corridors, should be thoroughly cleaned every month or two. Deep cleaning should be done roughly twice a year in low-traffic areas.

4. Maintain a tidy kitchen

Because your office kitchen or lunchroom is a shared space, it requires special care.

Cleaning the counters and lunch tables after each use should be part of your regular kitchen chores. Also, don't forget about the microwave, refrigerator, and drawer knobs. Several times a day, give them an excellent disinfecting wipe.

Clean the interior of the microwave and refrigerator once a week. Don't forget to check the fridge for any forgotten leftovers and toss them out!

5. Make the bathroom clean

Although no one likes cleaning bathrooms, they are one of the most critical places of your office to maintain clean, sterilized, and disinfected at all times.

Your bathroom cleaning schedule should be determined by the amount of traffic that your office's restrooms receive. If it's a high-traffic area, it'll probably need cleaning daily. If there isn't much traffic, once or twice a week may be enough.

Disinfecting all flat surfaces, toilets,  and sinks emptying wastebaskets, mopping floors, cleaning mirrors, disinfecting stalls and doorknobs, and stocking paper and toilet paper should all be done regularly in the bathroom.

6. Empty Garbage Bins and Waste Baskets

You should remove trash from your workplace at the end of the day, especially from the cafeteria, and the wastebasket at your desk (if you have a bin near your desk). You will be able to keep dangerous E.coli and other bacteria at bay by doing so.

If a hazardous microorganism infects one of your employees, it can harm their health, lowering productivity.

7. Use the proper cleaning supplies

Sanitizing and disinfection are critical aspects of keeping your office clean and safe, and each requires the appropriate solution.

Bacteria are killed by sanitizing, but viruses are not. Sanitizing products are safe for food contact surfaces and should be used on them (as required by health codes). A sanitizer must eliminate germs on a surface by 99.9% to fulfill public health requirements.

The most potent cleaning agents are disinfectants. Therefore, disinfecting high-touch areas of your office, such as doorknobs, customer service counters, workstations, keypads, and handrails, is highly critical.

8. Keep cleaning products on hand and within easy reach

Maintain cleaning goods and equipment well-stocked and organized to make it easy for everyone in your office to keep things clean.

Ensure your cleaning materials are kept in a convenient location for you and your staff to access regularly (rather than in an out-of-the-way storage room) and that your personnel knows where they can find them.

Consider appointing someone to be in charge of procuring cleaning supplies and ensuring that your workplace always has enough on hand.

9. The entire office should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

Regular cleaning throughout the day or week is necessary, but it is insufficient to eliminate dangerous germs or viruses. Because general cleaning eliminates surface-level waste, your workplace should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Deep cleaning entails steam-cleaning carpets, cleaning windows, thoroughly disinfecting all hard surfaces, dusting and cleaning difficult-to-reach areas such as the tops of shelves or cabinets, cleaning and disinfecting inside cabinets, sanitizing the inside of the microwave, refrigerator, and so on.

10. Make use of specialists

With so much cleaning to perform to keep your workplace clean and sanitary, hiring professional cleaners may be the best option for you.

A professional cleaning company completes a detailed checklist of cleaning services for your company and uses correct cleaning procedures. Therefore, hiring expert cleaners is more than worth the money in most offices.


As you know, cleaning and organizing your workplace is only half the battle. Cleaning will be more difficult in 2021 because businesses must disinfect surfaces and machinery regularly to protect the safety of their staff and consumers. The key to keeping a tidy office is to keep clutter under control before it becomes a problem, especially in the COVID time. And you may maintain your company clean by cleaning in tiny increments over time. 

So if you're looking for a qualified janitorial services business, get in touch with the pros now to manage all of your challenging jobs!

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