1001 Ways For Window Repairing When End Of Lease

Windows are an essential component of any home. It is utilized in the home for decorating, lighting, wind, air conditioning, and temperature control. Windows are built from a range of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, because it is an essential aspect of the property, the problem of damaged windows is sometimes unavoidable at the end of the lease. We will assist you in resolving some frequent window issues.

What are your windows made from?

Windows are made from many different materials. Here are some commonly used materials for making windows today.

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  • Wood: The material that was used for the first window is still used today. Windows made from wood often have the highest durability, especially those that are directly exposed to the rain and sun.
  • Iron is another common material used to make windows. Windows made from iron are also not appreciated for quality and durability.
  • Glass: Also used to make windows, but this material is mostly combined with the above materials to make windows.


  • The wooden window is stuck when opening and closing
  • Locate where it is stuck, then mark those locations with a pencil. A buildup of paint or a wooden window that swells due to moisture absorption are common causes of this problem. Using a saw or planer, cut off the excess from the window. Then smooth the surface of the window with armor paper. Install the window and check again.

  • Wooden window is scratched or punctured
  • If your wooden window is badly damaged, you should consider replacing the entire window. If they have only minor scratches or punctures, you can easily repair them with the following:

    • Use wood glue to fill in scratches or holes.
    • Use a blade to remove excess glue from the outside of the window.
    • Repaint the repaired surface with a suitable paint color or repaint the entire window. Let it dry and put the window back in place.
  • Wooden window is sagging and loose.
  • Loose or damaged hinges can cause your window to sag. You can solve this problem by replacing old damaged hinges or fixing wooden window hinges by tightening loose hinges. Then, replace the center screw of the hinge.

  • Wooden windows can't be locked.
  • The cause of this is the connection between the latches and the keyhole on the window frame is not tight. If the lock on the window frame has a flange in the center, you can bend it slightly to tighten the fit. Remove the window locks and use a pair of pliers to bend the flanges. Otherwise, you may have to adjust the position of the window stoppers to the window frame side latch.


    Common causes of surface damage to glass:

    • Scratches: These can be caused by hard or sharp objects either accidentally or maliciously applied and may result in failure if left untreated.
    • Graffiti: This may be etched into the surface or applied using paint or indelible ink which, if removed incorrectly, could damage the glass surface.
    • Airborne contamination: Organic materials (such as bird droppings) and inorganic materials (such as road film), or a combination of the two, can have an abrasive impact on the glass surface, resulting in a reduction in visual clarity.
    • Building contamination: This could occur as a result of building run-off or sealant leakage which has a subsequent effect on the glass surface.

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    Some methods of glass window repair

    The process of repair involves the removal of a minimal amount of the glass surface in order to rectify the defect, without impairing the visual quality.

     In some cases, the severity of the surface damage may make repair impractical – this would normally be advised during the initial survey.

     In exceptional circumstances, an unacceptable level of distortion may only become evident during or after treatment. In these instances, replacement would be advised.

    When to repair and when to replace glass window?

    In many cases, replacing the damaged glass in a window, window or conservatory may be the most economical option.

    However, there will be situations where a replacement would be far more expensive than repair, e.g. a large landing window. In these cases, having the surface damage repaired can be a time-saving and cost-effective solution.

    If you are unsure whether to repair glass or replace it, talk to a glass repair specialist who will survey the damage and offer a quote. It is worth bearing in mind that the environmental impact of repair is significantly less than that of replacement.

    If you have any demand for window repair, you can refer to QueenBee's End of Lease package. We provide cleaning and repair services for inside and outside glass and windows, tracks and sills, frames and fly screens.

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