2022 Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends in Australia

Like any other company, the commercial cleaning industry has undergone substantial transformations as a result of new cleaning processes and equipment.

This necessitates that janitorial and commercial office cleaning firms keep up with changing cleaning trends to provide their customers with cutting-edge cleaning services and remain ahead of their rivals.

In this article, QueenBee will take a look at some of the top commercial cleaning industry trends in Australia and worldwide that you, as a commercial organization, should be aware of and include in your cleaning service package:

1. Future Growth

The Australian cleaning sector has seen rapid expansion in recent years owing to increased competition. According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics study on Administrative and Support Services, more businesses outsource cleaning to focus on core business tasks. Another factor for the industry's rapid rise is the rising number of homes seeking help with household chores.

Cleaning isn't a trend — it's a need due to hectic schedules and limited time. Whether you create your firm or acquire a cleaning franchise, the potential for development is considerable. Think about developing an effective company plan. Providing high-quality services is critical to satisfying clients and standing out from the competitors in this scenario.

Regardless of whether you create a new firm or acquire a cleaning franchise, the potential for development remains excellent.

2. Cleaning Serves A Greater Purpose

Before the pandemic, office cleaning was mainly concerned with maintaining appearances. A clean office increased worker productivity and gave clients the impression that the office was professional. 

But now, cleaning is no longer about keeping up appearances; it is our method of combating COVID-19. As a result, we have begun to value clean and sanitary public spaces as a society. 

Employees and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how facilities are cleaned. Employees are more curious about the cleaning chemicals and disinfection methods. In addition, cleaning systems and employee training are becoming more important to customers.

3. Green Cleaning

Consumers are getting more knowledgeable about environmental concerns. As a result, people have begun to search for firms that responsibly, ethically, and sustainably produce goods. Furthermore, the phrase "organic" on the label is no longer adequate to persuade customers. Companies must be entirely upfront, not just about what goes into their goods but also about what is eliminated. To summarize, you cannot deceive the contemporary customer.

Sustainability entails more than simply employing environmentally friendly products when it comes to the cleaning sector. It's also about ecologically beneficial activities, such as using less water by washing at low temperatures. Cleaning businesses must also consider reducing waste, such as paper towels. It must be a comprehensive approach to sustainability. If you don't, consumers will think you're just following the trend for the sake of riding it.

4. Technological Innovations

It has been shown that incorporating technology into a commercial cleaning service program increases the productivity and quality of cleaning jobs. In addition, because today's age is more technologically sophisticated than previous generations, it has become necessary for commercial cleaning firms to keep up with the need for new technologies.

Because IoT, AR, high-tech cleaning equipment, and work rate software are cheap and easy for commercial cleaning companies to get, they can use them in their services and offer their clients better cleaning solutions.

5. Digital Presence

Going digital, like automation, is something that all organizations will have to accomplish at some point. Thankfully, digital firms like Google continue to develop user-friendly ad solutions to assist cleaning businesses in marketing their services.

Facebook is also a significant driver of worldwide corporate revenue growth. The key benefit of Facebook is that companies can be hyper-local with their ad targeting because of the quantity of consumer data accessible.

Commercial cleaning companies must be prepared to increase their digital spending. Businesses should invest in improving their digital presence in addition to ad expenditure. This involves developing a more user-friendly website and increasing digital customer support. Consider using built-in website chat as well as texting applications.

6. Advanced Employee Education

Commercial cleaning firms have begun to educate their personnel in line with such needs in order to stay up with new technology, improved equipment, and specialized services. In addition, customer satisfaction is becoming more important as the cleaning sector becomes more competitive.

Clients will benefit from efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective commercial cleaning services due to rigorously educated staff adhering to the new cleaning requirements.


These are the top 5 commercial office cleaning trends in Australia and worldwide in 2021. Focus on your niche and excel at it. Your success will be based on how well you do in your chosen field. Keeping tabs on current events and incorporating them into your services will give you a competitive advantage.

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