5 Simple Habits for Keeping Your Home Clutter

It's a reasonable guess that few people would say they enjoy clutter. It seems that no matter how well we organize our homes, before we realize it, things are back to being disorganized. 

Never fear, it is perfectly possible to live in a naturally clutter-free house. However, before that can happen, you will most likely need to undertake some soul-searching. As professional organizer says, “It’s not the stuff. It’s you.”

"I love this time of year, looking ahead to the new year and setting goals," the professional organizer   says. "'How do you want to live?'. " Consider how you want to live in your place. Then consider how you want your place to feel. If you can identify those two things, then examine everything in your life through the prism of 'Is this going to get me what I want?'"

Experts share their recommendations for keeping your home clutter-free in the sections below.

    Getting Rid Of It

    "My definition of clutter is stuff that people have and believe they need but never use." "It adds nothing to their lives," the expert says. "It's on a shelf or in a drawer, and it isn't making your life any better." 

    She continues: “The best thing you can do is get rid of anything that doesn’t help you. You buy things that will help you do something."

    So, instead of keeping things "just in case" or because you received a good bargain, let them go. "Whether you use something or not isn't a reason to keep or get rid of it," she explains. "How you live your life." 'Put yourself ahead of the stuffs. "How I want to live is more important than 'I want to have 17 can openers.'"

    Be Wary Of Purchases

    "Training ourselves to keep things tidy starts with being honest with ourselves and a willingness to get uncomfortable," explains by professional organizer. "Many of us want a cleaner, less cluttered home, but we're unwilling to look at our spending habits honestly and objectively."

    Gifts are typically an important part of the Christmas season, but the expert believes that cutting back on this spending can help minimize clutter. "It took years to convince people that I prefer not to have a gift." Why am I buying a Christmas present for my adult brother? He doesn't require anything. I'll get it for my nieces and nephews, but not for adults because it'll just be something to deal with."

    She admits that getting others on board with this approach can be tough. "Not everyone is going to pay attention. Who will do it? Sister? Friend? "Every little thing counts."

    She advises parents to prepare their children for getting gifts. "Tell them we're going to get some gifts, so let's go through our stuff and see what we can get rid of to make room for the new stuff."

    Changer Your Habits

    The expert has a message for her clients as she goes through their belongings. "If you are already overwhelmed in your space, then something has to go," she adds. "Lesson learned: Nobody wants your old toys." If getting rid of it makes you feel horrible, it should. Be more mindful before bringing in or purchasing something that can be reused and handed on."

    Consider Your Storage Options

    Being deliberate about what you keep visible and what you keep hidden makes a major impact in how your space feels. "The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that there isn't a good balance between open and closed storage," the expert explains. "Consider what's going to happen in that room. Then have a look around and determine what you want to see. "Perhaps a door unit and a shelf unit," she suggests. "I know it's expensive to go out and buy new furniture, so if you have all open storage, I like to use decorative boxes to hide it."

    Establish Cleaning Rituals

    "It's easy to slip back into old habits after the novelty of New Year's resolutions has worn off, but implementing two simple daily rituals will help prevent clutter from taking over," professional organizer explains. This tip is divided into two parts: morning and evening.

    "Each night, tidy up common areas using the five things tidying method," she recommends. "This gives the ritual structure." I also fluff pillows and fold blankets. It may appear odd to reset locations that will be used the next day, but this method is a proven way to keep clutter at bay. Finish any areas that you didn't finish the night before in the morning. "Normally, I unload the dishwasher and prepare breakfast."

    It all boils down to habits. "If you buy in bulk but don't have enough storage space, change this habit," she advises. "If you're given hand-me-downs that you don't like, set a limit." Changing patterns is challenging, but if you have a mature mindset and are willing to accept the discomfort that change brings, you can do it!"


    The above is the useful information that we have collected, hope that it helps you to have new thoughts about the methods to keep the house neat and clean. However, to practice these things is not easy, you have to start from the first steps and form a habit in a scientific way. This process can leave you feeling frustrated, or exhausted. Then remember QueenBee when you have a need to clean your house but don't want to spend too much time cleaning and effort.

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