5 Things To Know When Choosing A Cleaning Agent

Currently, the demand for cleaning services has been increasing, which has also led to the birth of more and more commercial cleaning services companies. However, there are too many businesses in the field of commercial cleaning services that have made customers feel confused and hesitant to choose a reputable and quality supplier. With many years of providing cleaning services, QueenBee will share our experiences to find the right commercial cleaning services company for. The following are some of the top things that you need to consider when hiring commercial cleaning service providers.

1. Having clear contact & information of the cleaning agent

To evaluate a reputable and quality cleaning services agent, the very first important thing is that they need to have clear and complete business contact information.

Find out if the provider has a clear address, hotline number, email or other contact information, because in fact, there are many businesses operating as a brokerage firm, not directly providing human resources according to the needs of customers.

Having a website to introduce their business is also a reliable signal. A well-invested business with a good strategic vision certainly cannot ignore building a separate website, to introduce the business as well as its products and services to customers.

Through the website of the service provider, you can learn in more detail about the establishment, development and operation of the business, and also know more about the business registration location, size, as well as which customers they are serving…, It can be said that these are basic but very important information because it shows the professionalism of the commercial cleaning services agent.

2. Quality of cleaning materials and equipment

Knowing the quality of cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipment that cleaning agents use can assess the quality of their cleaning services. Ask them how often cleaning tools and equipment are replaced to see if they are using the latest and highest quality equipment. An effective way to know about this is to ask them to provide the most recent receipts for cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies to know exactly what chemicals and cleaning tools they are using are of good quality. A company that applies new industrial cleaning solutions, modern machines, diversified in capacity for many different jobs, uses specialized cleaning chemicals for each surface, with clear origin, safe for human health, environmentally friendly, licensed to use will be a reliable choice.

3. Quality of cleaner staff

In addition to caring about the quality of materials and equipment, the quality of human resources is also a criterion that you need to pay attention to. You need to ask the company that provides the cleaning staff to see if they have their own staff or hire them from another partner. Cleaning staff will stay at your company / business / home, so they need to have a clear background and need to have confidence and security with your assets and important business data.

Besides, usually, professional cleaning agents will provide their employees with a full range of equipment including uniforms, gloves, specialized cleaning tools, and all employees must undergo professional training courses to master the necessary skills, as well as know the rules of behavior with their customers. So, through observing how the staff work, if the cleaning staff has a quick demeanor, full uniform and cleaning process and ensures the requirements set forth, it is really a reliable service agent that you should choose.

cleaning staff

4. Having a professional cleaning process

A cleaning agent with a professional working process will help customers understand the cleaning method, choose the suitable services to use, and at the same time make a specific plan and advise the customer to choose the plan with optimizing the financial budget.

They will also have a clear quality commitment policy, ensure the interests of consumers, have a clear contract, compensate if there is a mistake, damage to furniture, damage to customers ... At the same time, there is a publicly listed price list, payment policy after construction - acceptance, ensuring the interests of consumers using the service.

5. Having a high rate of positive reviews on their cleaning services.

One of the factors that evaluate the quality of a cleaning services agent is the rate of positive feedback and reviews about that company on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google, or on their website. To see about feedback, ask them to provide a list of user reviews of them on social networking sites. Based on those reviews and how they respond to customers, you can imagine the problems you will encounter later and how to deal with it.

QueenBee Cleaning offers a range of cleaning services in the Canberra and Sydney regions. Our jobs are insured and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional cleaning agent, QueenBee is the best choice ever.

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