A Cleaning Franchise: How Much To Start?

Investing in a commercial cleaning franchise provides many benefits for small business owners; let's have a look at them in this post.

Establishing a cleaning company is an excellent choice if you're considering beginning a business. Not only is residential and commercial cleaning constantly in demand, but it is also the kind of service that people are eager to outsource. Due to this need, it is a growing industry. Indeed, Allied Market Research projects that the cleaning sector will rise to $74.299 million in yearly revenue by 2022.

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Therefore, what is the most fantastic strategy for capitalizing on these business opportunities? You may go it alone and start your own cleaning company. However, this strategy is fraught with dangers. Investing in a commercial cleaning franchise has several advantages for small company owners.

A franchisee may grow equity in their firm over time, contributing significantly to profitability while also posing fewer risks than starting a small business on their own. And to make the greatest business choice possible, it's prudent to grasp franchise prices and fees first.

What is Cleaning Franchise?

A cleaning franchise is a franchised cleaning business. The most prevalent types are commercial, residential, and specialty.

Cleaning franchisees provide various cleaning services, including dry cleaning and fabric care, residential cleaning, commercial or industrial cleaning, carpet cleaning, restoration cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Your prospective franchise may provide all or any of these cleaning services.

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A cleaning franchise costs how much to start?

One of the best advantages of a cleaning franchise over establishing a cleaning company from scratch is that the fees associated with getting your firm up and operating are pre-determined. With a franchise, you know the upfront expenditures. This is mostly due to the fact that you do not have a physical presence and instead bring your services to the consumer. Initial startup expenses for certain cleaning franchises may range from $200,000 to $300,000, however, these prices vary based on the firm, the area, and whether the franchise provides commercial or residential cleaning. You should budget for some initial expenditures, such as insurance, equipment, and transportation, just like you would for any other new firm.

Here's an inside look at what a regular cleaning franchise costs and what we cover to get you started.

Franchise costs

It might be beneficial to understand how franchise expenses work to analyze franchise prospects thoroughly. The majority of franchises need an upfront investment from the franchisee. After the first investment, the franchise fees will include royalty payments.

Franchisees often pay the franchisor a part of their earnings as royalty fees on an ongoing basis, depending on the franchise and its profitability.

Franchisees are expected to disclose all of this information in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), including franchise fees, initial investment, royalty fees, and what the franchisee gets in exchange for these payments. Therefore, it is prudent to analyze the FDD before signing it thoroughly and get a legal opinion.

A franchise provides several advantages, and the fees enable you to invest in a turn-key firm, minimizing your total risk when you start your business.

When choosing a cleaning franchise, foresee your expenditures over the next 30 years, as well as anticipated growth and revenues.

Other costs

When starting a cleaning franchise, franchisors often incur additional expenses that are comparable to those associated with operating a small company outside of a franchise, such as insurance, equipment, goods, taxes, office supplies, and professional fees, among other things (i.e., legal fees). 

For example:

  • Travel Expenses for Training: Since you will need to budget for things like food, transportation, and other expenditures while attending our week-long training program, travel expenses for training are included in the course cost. Based on your individual circumstances, it is anticipated that these fees will vary from $150 to $3,000 in total.
  • Cleaning Supplies and Equipment: When it comes to cleaning business franchises, it is the high-quality, ecologically friendly materials and high-tech equipment that set you apart. Cleaning materials and equipment will cost between $3,500 and $10,000 when you first start in the cleaning industry.


When beginning a cleaning company, buying a commercial cleaning franchise is an excellent method to get started quickly. In addition, brand awareness, system support, and marketing techniques are advantages you might receive.

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