Common Mistakes When Doing Office Cleaning

It is critical to keep your workplace clean for a variety of reasons. Cleanliness, in particular, is essential to protecting the safety and health of everyone who comes to your office. In addition, a spotless workplace has also been shown to improve happiness and productivity.

Many workplaces and corporate buildings hire a cleaning service regularly, but is it enough? Unfortunately, several office cleaning blunders occur daily, and although they may seem minor, they may cost you significant time, money, and energy. Here are some typical office cleaning blunders that are costing your company money to ensure that you're attacking your office cleanliness straight on and avoiding complications.

office cleaning canberra mistakes

1. Using Inappropriate Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment and products are required for various materials and surfaces. Damage may occur if the wrong type and quantity are used. The cleaning procedure will be inefficient, and the intended outcomes will not be achieved.

It would help if you ideally waited for your company cleaners to arrive to do the task, so you don't have to worry about making errors. However, there may be instances when you will have to clean on your own. If that's the case, don't be afraid to seek advice from the experts.

Another helpful piece of advice is to read the product label's directions. It's a simple yet powerful technique. It specifies the materials for which it is appropriate and the appropriate quantity, and how to apply it.

2. Taking No Notice of Spills or Stains

If you have patterned flooring at your workplace, it's simple
for a spill to blend in. While you'd want to believe that your staff accepts responsibility for their mistakes, that isn't always the case. Some workers don't want to be in trouble or get the blame, while others don't consider cleaning up spills to be their responsibility, and still, others just don't want to wash, so they ignore it. Although a bit of collapse may seem innocuous at first, it may cause long-term damage to floors, carpets, and other surfaces. This, in turn, might taint your company's reputation, thereby jeopardizing customer relationships.

3. Only clean transparent surfaces

To clean an office efficiently and effectively, you should be careful. Keep in mind that there are several hidden spots in a workplace where filth, dust, and grime may build. The undersides of tables, the gaps beneath furniture, and the individual slats of blinds are examples. In addition, if you don't clean every nook and cranny, germs, fungus, and viruses may flourish in your office, causing allergies and other medical problems.

As a result, cleaning every nook and cranny in your office, especially those that aren't immediately visible, is beneficial to everyone. You don't have to clean them every day, but make sure they're cleaned regularly. Your expert cleaners will understand what has to be done, but it never hurts to remind them.

4. Not emptying the trash bin and cleaning the vacuum 

Remember to clean your workplace vacuum cleaner regularly if you use it for fast dusting and cleanups.

Generally, you should remove your vacuum after each usage since allowing debris to collect might cause airflow to get clogged. When this occurs, the vacuum cleaner will not function properly. You may even wind up hurting your vacuum by putting it under additional pressure to collect or suck up trash. Furthermore, allowing dust and filth to accumulate in the bag or compartment might make it increasingly challenging to remove them later.

office cleaning canberra mistakes

Emptying the trash can is another housekeeping procedure that is often forgotten by workplaces. You may argue that you're wasting waste disposal bags, but the alternative is worse. Even day-old garbage might generate unpleasant scents as a result of decomposing food waste or other similar items. The odor may then penetrate the whole area, causing discomfort. The air may also hold dangerous particles and germs that might cause sickness.

5. Not disinfecting office every day

Many people believe that if something looks to be tidy, it is. Germs and pathogens, on the other hand, are minute creatures that our sight cannot detect. While a location may look clean, it is most certainly not sanitized. You must disinfect your building regularly to maintain it clean, decrease staff sick days, and ensure everyone's health. This is particularly crucial in public spaces such as the restroom, kitchen, and break room. We now understand the full extent to which germs may disturb everyday life, business profitability, and lifespan, therefore making an additional effort to disinfect regularly.


Hiring a professional cleaning in Canberra  and Sydney to keep your workplace spotless is the best approach to prevent these blunders. However, QueenBee believes that remembering these typical mistakes in office cleaning will save you a lot of time and irritation if you have to handle the cleaning yourself.

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