House Cleaning Procedure

The sequencing of work is always a significant consideration, and cleaning the house effectively requires the same. Sometimes you ignore the planning of house cleaning duties, resulting in less effective yet time-consuming work. As a result, whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire a cleaning service, please refer to Queen Bee's recommendations in this article on how to clean the house successfully.

You should clean the house in the following order: first the bedroom, then the living room, then the kitchen, and finally the toilet.

How To Clean The Bedroom

For the bedroom, you perform cleaning and sanitizing according to the following steps:

  • Clean, collect, and classify items on the bed: things that need to be washed, such as mattress sheets, pillow covers, mosquito nets, etc.; things that just need to be dried, such as mattresses, pillowcases, etc.
  • Next, dust the ceiling, walls, cabinets, shelves, dressing table, fan, bed, etc.
  • Clean dusted items.
  • Finally, sweeping, collecting dirty garbage, and cleaning the floor are done.

How To Clean The Living Room

Similar to the bedroom, you should remove the curtains, tablecloths, etc to wash and dry. Next, dust the ceiling, ceiling fans, walls, etc. first, then the furniture below, such as cabinets, shelves, tables, and chairs, etc.

After that, wipe again with wooden utensils or glass to clean and shine.

Finally, clean the floor.

How To Clean The Kitchen

  • If you clean the kitchen at the end of the year, you need to sweep the ceiling and overhead items. If you clean it periodically, you can skip this step.
  • Next, dust the kitchen shelves and upper cabinets.
  • Then, meticulously clean each piece of kitchen equipment, such as the gas stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc. Wash dishes and cups, and dry thoroughly.
  • Finally, clean the floor to make it clean.
  • How to clean bathrooms and toilets
  • Bathrooms and toilets are home to many harmful bacteria, so you need to clean the bathroom last. The order of implementation follows the principle from top to bottom to ensure cleanliness and efficiency, such as sweeping the ceiling and walls, then cleaning the mirror, scrubbing the sink, and finally scrubbing the toilet and floor.
  • Note: After cleaning the bathroom and toilet, you should wash your personal hygiene before rearranging furniture in other rooms or resting.

    7 Quick And Clean The House Cleaning Tips

    Please Follow The Top-down Cleaning Rule.

    When cleaning the house, you should start with objects in high positions, such as ceilings, ceiling fans, walls, etc.; avoid doing it from low to high because the dirt at the top will fall and stick to the table. Chairs, floors, and other items are low.

    Use The Correct Cleaning Solution.

    In the process of cleaning the house, you will definitely have to use specialized cleaners to remove stubborn stains such as grease stains, yellow stains, food stains, etc. But you need to note that substances Even a good detergent needs a certain amount of time to soak into the stain and maximize its effect. You should not rush or use sharp objects to clean, as this will act as the surface of the items.

    Clean The Windows When It's Cool.

    The best weather to clean the house and do general cleaning at the end of the year is on sunny days to let the house dry and wash quickly. However, if your home has glass items such as doors, windows, etc., they should not be cleaned these days; temporarily ignore them. Because when the sun is hot and the temperature is too dry, the cleaning solutions when sprayed on the glass will dry quickly, not enough time to peel off the dirt on the glass, so even if you wipe it again and again a few times, the window is still not completely clean.

    Always Clean Your Cleaning Tools.

    An issue that many people often overlook that makes house cleaning less optimal is the cleaning of cleaning tools after each use. Common household cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, rags, sponges, etc. contain a lot of dirt and bacteria after use. If not cleaned properly, this will be a good environment for infectious pathogens to arise. And as we continue to use them, it's like we're spreading bacteria throughout our home.

    Wipe The Stains Immediately.

     How to clean the house quickly and effectively, including handling special stains timely and properly Stains such as coffee, dishes with specific colors, tea stains, etc. If you accidentally spill them on tables, chairs, and floors, you must wipe them off immediately with water; do not let them stick for a long time and dry out. then it will be very difficult to clean.

    Wash The Dishes In The Order Of Least To Most Dirty.

    If cleaning the house must follow the principle of high to low, washing dishes must also follow the same theory to perform more successfully, i.e., washing from less dirty to more dirty. This allows you to clean dishes more thoroughly and quickly.

    Clean The House Regularly.

    A year has 365 days, but most of us are busy with other important tasks and sometimes don't have time to clean the house regularly. That makes the house cleaning at the end of the year more burdensome, and especially the family's health is more or less affected. Therefore, try to clean your house regularly and periodically, or ask a house cleaning service for assistance.


    Through this article, you will surely understand how the proper house cleaning sequence includes the requirements and how important it is. Hopefully, the 7 tips we give will help you in your daily house cleaning work. And if you do not have enough time or support staff, please call us immediately at the following contact address:

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