How Often Should I CLean My Washing Machine?

You use your washing machine daily, so how often do you clean your washing machine? If you don't know how to clean it, Sure, here are the steps to clean your washing machine

1. When should you clean your washing machine?

It's time to clean your machine if you start to notice that your clothes don't smell as clean as they should when they come out. Additionally, you may observe a buildup of different kinds of material near the seals; this is a visible indicator that you may have neglected to do a thorough cleaning cycle during the previous few months

washing machine cleaning

2. Steps of cleaning a washing machine

  1. Remove Debris: Wipe out the interior and the seals around the door of the machine with an all-purpose cleaner. For top-loading machines, remove debris from any filters or drains around the seal. If you have a front-loading washer, identify the drain filter (which should be located behind a small front-facing door near the bottom) and shake it over the trash; rinse it well before replacing it
  2. Prepare Cleaning Solution: You can use a washing machine cleaner, white distilled vinegar, or bleach. If you’re using bleach, make sure the dosage is spot on, otherwise it can over-foam and damage the machine1. Never mix bleach with vinegar — it creates a lethal chlorine gas
  3. Apply Cleaning Solution: Add the cleaning solution to the drum of your washing machine.
  4. Run Cleaning Cycle: Run a hot water cycle with the cleaning solution in the drum. If your washing machine has a self-cleaning cycle, use that
  5. Rinse: After the cleaning cycle, run another hot water cycle to rinse out the cleaning solution
  6. Dry: Leave the door open to air dry

Remember, it’s good practice to deep clean your machine once a month depending on how often you use it. Between washes, you should also clean out the gasket and leave the door and dispenser drawer open to prevent mold. Regular cleaning can help your washing machine last longer

If you hire a professional cleaning service, remind them of your washing machine which needs special care.

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