How To Protect Our Office As Flu Season Comes?

We are not only dealing with COVID-19, but we are also well into our yearly cold and flu season. As the weather cools, we all congregate inside, touching the same surfaces and sharing the same diseases. This increases the likelihood of contracting a virus at work, home, or school. Office cleaning and disinfection are tried, and proper techniques of preventing the spread of these infections.

The arrival of cold and flu season indicates an increase in these treatable diseases, but with Covid, people are hyper aware of becoming sick at all. Consider having the flu or a cold; many of us would be concerned that Covid caused it. Commercial disinfection and frequent, targeted cleaning are more critical than ever in making companies safer for workers and consumers alike. So, what should a commercial cleaning firm do to ensure successful commercial office disinfecting and office cleaning services and keep Coronavirus away in your office? Let's figure it out with QueenBee in this article.

Distinguish Between Cleaning And Disinfecting

The term "cleaning" refers to the process of eliminating dirt and contaminants from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but it significantly reduces their quantity in a particular area, lowering infection risk.

"Disinfecting" refers to the process of eradicating germs, which is often accomplished by the use of chemicals such as EPA-registered disinfectants. The surface may not seem cleaner, and the bacteria may remain, but they will be killed.

The most effective strategy is a one-two punch of cleaning and disinfection. Firstly, clean surfaces to eliminate the majority of germs and grime. Then disinfect the surfaces to eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Commercial Disinfection Targets Indirect Infection in Your Office

Coronavirus is conveyed from person to person by respiratory droplets generated by an infected person coughing, sneezing, or talking. In other words, it spreads in known infectious patterns. With this knowledge in mind, strategically target high-touch areas. Door knobs, remote controls, keyboards, toilets, faucets, tables, and counters are all surfaces that multiple people come into contact with on a regular basis. Focusing on high-traffic areas can help safeguard your personnel from indirect infection. All of that traffic produces an ideal breeding environment for germs and viruses. So, remember to disinfect these surfaces thoroughly when cleaning.

The Appropriate Tools for Commercial Disinfection

We've discussed the high-risk places in your business and how to recognize them, but what about disinfecting them properly? Please be aware that your business cleaning service uses the most advanced disinfection technology available to ensure your safety. For instance, the cleaning team cleans your hard surfaces using electrochemical atomizer fogging equipment. For a business disinfection firm, understanding clean is just as critical as knowing where to clean. Similarly, the most competent and successful commercial cleaning services are aware of using best practices like color-coded cloths to reduce the danger of cross contamination in your business.

When Is the Ideal Time to Clean?

Is this to say you should put a seat by your office front door and clean the doorknob every time someone comes in and out? Certainly not! The number of individuals passing through will determine how often you need to clean specific high-touch locations. A couple of times each week should be enough in your office. Increase the stakes for retail businesses since their heavy traffic will need numerous disinfections throughout the day. Again, this isn't a thorough cleaning; instead, it focuses on the most likely areas to harbor viruses. Deep cleanings do not need to be done as often.


Reduced sick days, more productivity, decreased transmission rates, and safer communities benefit from disinfecting and cleaning offices. It is essential to our physical, emotional, and economic well-being to contain and eradicate harmful infections. If you would like additional information on keeping your space clean or booking a professional to assist you in staying on top of this crucial task, please follow QueenBee for more tips!

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