How To Repair Common Damages To Leased Property

Most buildings have common issues after being rented for a period of time, such as broken walls, mold, peeling paint, broken doors and windows, clogged drains, broken wooden floors... When you return at the conclusion of the term, the landlord is unhappy because of the damages. This predicament has both internal and external causes. The impact of the environment, such as weather, climate, and so on, is outside. The inside is a result of human intervention. In this article, we'll learn about common damage to buildings after the end of a lease and how to solve it.

1. Broken walls

The building's wall may develop difficulties over time as a result of weather conditions, such as cracking, water infiltration, mold, especially broken. We must deal with a broken wall as soon as possible, depending on the severity. If not addressed promptly, it will cause a slew of issues in everyday life. But, before we learn how to deal with it, let's look at why it's so in order to come up with a sensible solution.

  • Broken walls caused by the weather

Frequent rainy weather, making the walls of the house wet or hot and humid all year round is also the cause of many broken in the walls.

  • Broken walls caused by poor plastering techniques

The primary cause of broken walls is poor quality plastering techniques. Perhaps the first layer of plaster is uneven, or the dough is too thick.

  • Broken walls caused by the subsidence of the foundation

The base is sagging, which is also why the wall will eventually break. The breaks generated by the subsided foundation that frequently emerge in the middle of the wall or at the edge of the window, for example, are signs that the wall is fractured owing to foundation subsidence.

  • The broken walls caused by physical impact 

If we apply a strong force on the wall, it will collapse (for example, using a hammer or nail to drive it into the wall is also very easy to cause the wall to crack). As a result, it is critical to pay close attention to the area around kitchen shelves, cupboards, or bookshelves, ... are the walls damaged or not?

Some essential ways to deal with broken walls

We would like to share with you some ways to deal with broken walls below:

  • How to deal with small broken wall caused by paint

When the wall is broken in numerous small layers as a result of the paint layer being too thin, the glue not being mixed uniformly, or the wall being dry but still painted, we must chisel the old layer of glue out along the cracked road. Make sure the wall is damp enough before applying a layer of old cement and fine sand. Then, paint a layer of weatherproof paint over the entire surface.

  • How to repair large broken walls

Large cracks should be addressed as soon as possible since they expand quickly and can cause the surrounding wall to crack. In this scenario, homeowners should fix the crevices with mortar to create flatness. Next, apply a layer of powder and then a layer of anti-alkali paint.

  • How to repair deep broken walls

Deep breaks in walls are sometimes caused by poor construction practices or failure to follow the required construction process. This deep break damages the brick layer, and it is possible that the inner brick layer is also broken. This is a challenging matter to manage, particularly for individuals with little experience in the building industry.

However, you certainly don't want to spend money on renovating the entire wall or using ceramic wall tiles. You can simply use a stain remover and repaint the cracked wall. This is a quick and economical way to hand over the building at the end of the lease. QueenBee is happy to serve you when you have a request. We provide wall cleaning & wall painting with quick and professional support.

2. Broken window repairs

The windows are one of the things you should pay attention to while turning over the building at the end of the lease. Windows are parts of the house that are directly affected from both inside and outside, and are often made of fragile and dented materials such as aluminum and glass. Therefore, windows often suffer from damage, such as: scratched, cracked paint, broken glass, problems with window accessories, or dirty, cloudy glass. Here's how to fix windows that suffer from the above problems:

  • Damaged in window appearance

If your windows have appearance defects such as scratched, cracked paint, or door fittings become hard, not working smoothly, or glass is broken, then quick and easy repair is the best answer. Scrubbing and repainting windows, replacing glass is a fairly simple job. If any part is damaged, you should also learn the methods online to get the best fix.

  • Problems with window fittings:

If your windows are really hard to work on, then it could be due to an accessory problem. Check your window fittings and see if there is a build-up of dirt, debris or grease. A good cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a soft damp cloth with mild soap may do the trick. Some window fittings can even be re-lubricated. In case the window glass is broken, window glass replacement is the best choice.

  • Dirty, difficult-to-clean, or hazy window glass

If your glasses are just dirty from dust, the fix is easy. There are many types of retail window washing products that you can buy to wash your windows yourself. If the glass is difficult to clean, you should contact a professional window cleaning agent. They have specialized tools and detergents to clean your building's windows.

However, if the window glass shows signs of condensation, dirt or cloudiness inside, it's a sign that all your repairs are likely to fail. This is not good and these windows definitely need to be replaced. You need to contact window repair services to replace a new window.

QueenBee will be your reliable choice. We offer the extra end of lease cleaning package, which includes full window cleaning services as well as window repair.

3. Unclogged drain pipe

Over time, the drain pipe of the sink will become less effective for 3 main reasons: grease, food debris, and inorganic waste such as hair, plastic bags, ...

With simple clogged drain pipe cases, you can handle it yourself with a number of methods as follows:

  • Unclog the sink drain with boiling water
  • Unclog a clogged sink with a mixture of: Baking Soda + White Vinegar + Salt
  • Unclog the sink with spring wire and an iron hook.
  • Handling clogged sink with unclogging enema
  • Treated with specialized sanitary cleaners

After applying all the above methods, and your sink is still clogged, you should consider using a cleaning service agent to unclog the sink.

QueenBee offers the Extra end of lease cleaning package, which includes your needs:

  • Garage cleaning if applicable (oil stain from the car, wall cleaning)
  • Flea treatments if you have a pet
  • Gardening: Tidy up the garden, lawn mowing, and rubbish removal.
  • Gutter cleaning if applicable
  • Handyman service to fix up any fixture or painting, changing light bulks
  • Rubbish removal: Any rubbish which can’t be placed into the standard building bin will be required to pay extra if removal is required.

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