How To Repair Common Wall Damages

When it comes to the end of lease time, you need to know some common wall damage in the house to have the fastest way to handle and fix the consequences, return the most intact for the house you have rented. These failures usually do not affect the durability of the house; they only affect the aesthetics, but they will also be an important factor in helping you leave a good impression on the landlord and get 100% of the bond back. You just need to apply the correct wall repair measures for each case that QueenBee mentioned below, surely there will be no major inconveniences arising from this.

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There are 4 main reasons:

1. Cracked wall due to the weather

Sometimes, under the influence of the surrounding weather and climate, the walls of the house crack. The weather, the surrounding environment, is often wet and rainy, which will have a significant impact on the walls of the house. The wall is too wet or too hot or humid weather all year round is also the main cause of many cracks in the wall.

2. Cracked wall due to unsafe construction methods

Poor finishing techniques, poor quality and workmanship of the construction team is the cause of the cracked wall phenomenon.

3. Cracked wall due to the subsidence of the foundation

The foundation structure does not satisfy the load requirements in construction. A weak foundation is also the main cause of cracked walls.

4. Cracked wall due to physical impacts

Wall cracks can appear when we apply a strong force to the wall. In particular, house wall cracks caused by physical causes will often quickly spread over the entire surface of the wall.

Here are solutions to repair cracked wall:

1.  For small cracked wall

For cases where the wall has small cracks caused by unsafe construction, we need to punch out the old mortar along the crack, then moisten the wall and then use a mixture of old cement and fine sand to plaster the wall, finally waterproof paint for the wall.

2. For large cracked wall

For this case, you need to repair quickly because it can spread very quickly to the entire surface of the wall. The surrounding wall areas can also be cracked, affecting the aesthetics and damaging the building. You should put grout into the cracks to create evenness as soon as possible. Next is to put a layer of powder on top and paint a layer of anti-alkali paint.

3. For deep cracked wall

The phenomenon of deep wall cracks not only occurs in the mortar joints, but also the inner brick layer. The case of deep cracks in the wall will be very difficult to handle, especially when you are inexperienced in construction. You should find a team of professional painters who will help you fix your deep wall crack like this.


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There are three common causes of wall seepage:

  • The cracks in the wall are not treated, leading to the phenomenon of rain water entering the cracks in the house.
  • Due to the faulty waterproofing coating technique, rainwater can penetrate the wall protection paint and seep into the house.
  • Because the contact gap between two adjacent houses is not treated completely, it causes rain water to accumulate in the contact gap for a long time, causing infiltration for both houses.

When a break in a house's exterior wall is discovered, it must be repaired as soon as possible since water can leak into the interior, causing moss, diminishing the house's durability, and even causing loss of aesthetics. To strengthen water resistance, use waterproof paints and roll to cover the wall surface before continuing to finish painting the wall. The contact gap between the two houses should be waterproofed by carefully pouring concrete on the surface of the contact joint between the two houses and making a nice slope so that rainwater may easily fall onto the roof as it follows the wall to the contact point between the two walls.


During the time of using the house, you may have to punch or break the wall to handle some problems, causing ugly holes in the wall surface. Holes in the wall will make the house look unattractive, and certainly, the homeowner will feel dissatisfied with that. It may also be difficult for you to get 100% of your bond back when there are too many holes in the wall when end of lease.

Another problem is that when the wall is chiseled, a layer of waterproof surface for the house will be removed. These protective layers are usually built in mortar, paint or in the antlers. And when you chisel, you accidentally drill into the brick, even chiseling through the wall. Therefore, the waterproof layer is lost. Just one piece of wall is cut opaque, so water can seep into all surrounding walls.

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With the problem of holes in the wall, you can apply the following repair solutions:

1. Sealing the small holes

If the wall has only a few small holes, you just need to seal those holes. You should use a low-grade slurry, with small-grained sand and not mixed with clay. The best mixing ratio between micro-cement and fine sand is 1:3 or 1:4. This ratio will ensure better adhesion between the new plaster on the hole and the old wall. When your wall has too many holes to be drilled, you should mix the mortar and fill it up.

2. Paint roller to remove holes

With small holes, you can also roll paint on the wall. First, draw around the hole with a width of 5 to 1 inch and spray silicone glue in the right position. Note that you should use paint that can be applied. Proceed to chisel the screed on the wall, clean it and then paint the hole as before.

Above are some of our sharing about common wall damage and solutions. In case you need the services of remove marks, blue tack, sticky tape from the walls when end of lease, QueenBee is happy to serve.

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