How To Be Ready To Open For Business After Lockdown?

How to be ready to open for business after lockdown? With many years experience in cleaning services, Queenbee advises you these tips below to learn how to disinfect your office daily and ensure it is a safe workplace!

As soon as the lockdown is over, you may be excited to return to your office and resume working alongside colleagues. The cafeteria, the water cooler, the vending machine, your desk may be calling out to you. At the same time, you may want to ensure that you and everyone at the office stays safe and protected from harmful germs and infections. To ensure a safe workplace, it must be disinfected and cleaned regularly.

While everyone who comes into work must maintain personal hygiene like wearing a mask, washing or sanitizing their hands, maintaining physical distance; this must be supplemented with maintaining environmental hygiene too.

As you may be aware, germs can travel up to several feet after a sneeze or a cough and can rest on nearby surfaces, indirectly spreading infections when someone touches them. Since multiple people touch common surfaces at the office such as elevator buttons, tables, chairs, etc, these high touch surfaces need not just be cleaned, but also disinfected to protect against spread of infections.

For ease of implementation, you may split the disinfection routine as per areas- office interiors, exteriors and toilets.

1. Disinfecting office interiors

Office interiors include everything from the main entrance onwards till your work desk. These include the lobbies, reception area, elevators, staircase, handrails, escalators, security booths, cafeteria, meeting rooms, conference halls, cabins, cubicles, etc. Almost all of these are high contact areas because they are common to the entire staff.

They must be cleaned and disinfected daily after office hours or early morning before they are occupied. If any surface within these areas is visibly dirty, first get it cleaned with soap and water. Thereafter, it can be disinfected for better hygiene.

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Another high touch surface is the floor. You can clean and disinfect the floor using a suitable disinfectant floor cleaner. Follow usage instructions on the pack and always test on an inconspicuous area check compatibility first.

Now throughout the office, there are some surfaces that are touched extensively by most people. Think high touch surfaces such as handrails, tables, switches, doorknobs, etc. It is recommended to clean and disinfect them frequently.  

All these surfaces can be cleaned with a regular household detergent and water. After cleaning, you can disinfect them for better hygiene. We suggest that you can use our Covid- 19 spray services. It kills germs on frequently touched surfaces and protects against infection causing germs. Always test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first and follow usage instructions on the pack.

2. Disinfecting office exterior

Although outdoor areas have lesser risk as compared to indoor areas because of air currents and sunlight, it is suggested to frequently follow similar cleaning and disinfection tips as above for high contact office exterior areas such as bus stops, parks, gates, etc.

3. Disinfecting the toilets

Toilets are germ hotspots for obvious reasons. They definitely need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly every day. The sink, taps, flush handles, toilet lid, paper napkin and soap dispensers, door handles and other such high touch surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water. Follow usage instructions on the pack.

The toilet bowl can be deep cleaned using a cleaning agent and a long handle angular brush. By using QueenBee Covid-19 spray services for the floor of the toilet. We will clean and disinfect with a solution containing sodium hypochlorite. This will keep your workspace clean and safe.

4. Disinfecting your workspace

Although the office would be cleaned and disinfected by the cleaning crew, it is a good idea to remove germs from your work desk, desk items and chair with germ-removal wipes.

Ensure the cleaning crew wears personal protective equipment (PPE) i.e. disposable rubber boots, heavy duty gloves and triple layer mask before every cleaning and disinfection exercise. Personal protective equipment that is disposable must be disposed of immediately after use, in a safe manner, either in a disposable garbage bag or closed bin.

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Follow this with thorough handwashing with soap and water. Hands must be washed after removing each piece of PPE and at the end. Cleaning equipment must also be disinfected or disposed of, as the case may be, after every use. It is recommended that the cleaning crew uses a separate set of cleaning equipment for toilets and separate for sink and commode and discards cleaning material made of cloth like mops, wiping cloth, etc.  Don’t forget to place hand sanitizers at each high contact common area, especially at the entrance to the office premises. You can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers such as those available from Lifebuoy.

QueenBee Cleaning offers a range of cleaning services in the Canberra and Sydney regions. Our jobs are insured and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional office cleaning agent with the sanitizing & disinfecting service to get your office be ready for reopening, QueenBee is the best choice ever.

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