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A first impression is formed in only 7 seconds. In most firms, the welcome area is where guests will establish their initial image of your organization. Suppose you want to create a strong first impression. In that case, your office must go above and beyond to ensure that any prospective partners, current customers, star job applicants, industry leaders, or visitors visiting feel comfortable and greeted. That's why you should pay attention to every detail of your office, including all the little things like the toilet, the floor, especially the reception.  To assist you, we'll go through four tiny and basic tasks that may significantly impact the guest experience.

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1. Reception area

First, the reception room should be on-brand, clean, and well-lit, with a pleasant spot for visitors to relax while they wait to be seen. Making your welcome area tidy and engaging can help you make an excellent first impression on your guests. To lighten up the environment and add some color, we propose adding sensory experiences such as a pleasant, relaxing soundtrack, fresh perfume, and some decorations that are suitable for your business.

Don't forget to include some miniature trees in the event décor. Greenery is a low-cost and straightforward method to liven up any area, particularly a modest office lobby design. Small plants should be kept on a side table to be out of the way and not knocked over.

2. Your office restroom 

You don't want your office's bathroom to make visitors, customers, or workers feel awful. Not to mention that a filthy bathroom is loaded with germs and likely violates multiple health codes.

Employees, customers, and clients will be healthier and happier if the restroom is clean and sanitary. A clean toilet may go a long way in high-traffic business environments like offices and companies. Unfortunately, according to the most recent workplace research, most companies throughout the globe are falling behind in terms of restroom partitions, cubicles, and hygienic procedures. It was also shown that improperly kept bathrooms cause many ailments, lowering overall workplace efficiency and resulting in a long-term economic loss. QueenBee has compiled a list of three reasons why your workplace needs a clean bathroom to emphasize the significance of toilet hygiene.

  • Restrooms that are clean and sanitary help to prevent the spread of germs.
  • A clean restroom reflects the quality of your brand.
  • Cleaner restrooms result in improved air quality and a longer fixture lifespan.

3. Small details

Customers are initially pleased with the office via the reception area; however, when they have gone through the reception area, they will be asked to the office and will work with you there. So don't neglect the tidy office cleaning and make sure everything is organized properly.

In addition, don't overlook the significance of the seemingly little. Many tiny elements, such as shoe racks, garbage cans, and staff rest spaces, may have become so familiar to you that you no longer notice them. This is especially true in offices with many people. A visitor who has visited you, on the other hand, will be drawn to a variety of things, including the more delicate features. For example, a large number of messy shoes or the agitation of rubbish might lead clients to have a negative image of your business. As a result, constantly pay close attention to the minor details and urge your staff to tidy up the workplace before inviting visitors.

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4. Anticipate Frequently Occurring Needs

While your visitor's primary purpose is to join their meeting, they often have additional requirements. Your guests may, for example, need the use of the restroom upon arriving. They may be thirsty and would benefit from a cup of water, or they may be hungry and would benefit from some small snacks. If your office is located in a prominent structure, your guests may want directions to the floor or room where their meeting will be held.

As a result, you should provide beverage alternatives, building directories, and visible signage directing to bathrooms to make your guests feel more at ease. In addition, visitors today may now ask for a cable to charge their phones while they wait. Having phone charging stations easily accessible demonstrates your company's attentiveness and conscientiousness.


Making a strong first impression does not have to be challenging or complicated. You may begin by planning ahead of time for visitor visits, training personnel to be warm, responsive, and pleasant to visitors at all times, anticipating your customers' usual requirements, and renovating your lobby to make it more open and welcoming. These techniques will not only assist in elevating and creating a welcoming waiting room ambiance, but they will also be a crucial first step in creating a fantastic guest experience with your organization.

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