Should I Buy A Franchise Rather Than Start My Own Business?

Are you thinking of starting a franchise as your business? Read the article below to find more about cleaning franchise - a kind of leading franchising trends in the next five years.

Having new objectives to strive towards is a great method to break out of the present economic depression. Therefore, cleaning franchising might be an excellent choice for those wishing to establish their own company. Moreover, a cleaning franchised company with pre-established structures and operational procedures allows new entrepreneurs to invest in a more predictable and prosperous future.

​​Purchasing a cleaning franchise may not seem like the most glamorous business endeavor ever. But it is the greatest franchise possibility to allow budding entrepreneurs to enter a thriving market. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of janitors and building cleaners is expected to grow at a greater rate than the average through 2028.

So if you want to own a company, a commercial cleaning franchise is the best choice. Let's find out why in this article.

cleaning franchise in Australia

1. Cleaning franchise offers guaranteed work and systems

Purchasing a cleaning franchise is the ideal method to transform your working life from ordinary to extraordinary! You not only become your own employer, but you also have the freedom to work whenever and however you choose. This gives you more time with your family and reduces your stress levels.

Not only that, but when you join a cleaning franchise, you'll be provided a tried-and-true business plan to help you succeed. In addition, all franchise owners have access to first-rate training to help them advance.

It means a cleaning franchise can offer guaranteed work and systems for you, who are a new business.

2. Business growth guidance

A new independent business has a 4% chance of surviving for three years if it begins today. On the other hand, buying into a franchise has a 95 percent success rate in the same period.

This is generally because the franchisor has already had the experience — they've gone through all of the ups and downs that a new firm would go through. They've already squandered money on ineffective marketing, so you don't have to. They can provide you with a good marketing strategy and a system of checklists, audits, and other necessary tools to help you grow your firm.

3. Training and ongoing support

Training programs

Franchisees are trained regularly, and activities such as Knowledge Sharing Meets are held to provide them with current and helpful knowledge. In addition, they are provided with the most recent university updates and reference materials to help franchisees cope with the day-to-day challenges that arise while owning a cleaning franchise. As a result, with the proper training, franchisees can quickly learn the best practices and begin working on their commercial cleaning franchise company.

Ongoing Support
The Business Development team assists all cleaning franchisees with their day-to-day operational tasks on an ongoing basis. The specialists ensure that you get the necessary assistance and direction as and when required, ensuring that the job works smoothly and that there is no impediment to providing excellent services.


Contact the franchise personally after discovering the franchises that appear very intriguing to you and for which you're financially eligible. This is particularly crucial when comprehending overall franchise costs since many franchises modify their financial information based on your geographical location, market volume, and the sort of business you want to acquire.

When you contact a franchisor, you will also have the chance to ask specific questions about the process of purchasing and maintaining a franchise and the kind of help your franchisor may provide—both monetarily and otherwise. That way, you'll be able to make an educated selection about which cleaning franchise business is not just accessible and possibly lucrative for you but also one that you'll love operating.

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