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When it comes to properly transferring everything out of the house and then carefully cleaning it up, the end of a tenancy is stressful. The renters have a lot of work ahead of them, as they are responsible for all housekeeping and cleaning activities in order to receive their security deposit returned. Hiring a professional cleaning agent for end-of-lease cleaning is one of the quickest and most effective ways to deal with this issue. You'll want to look for high-quality cleaning agents at a reasonable price. In this article, QueenBee will recommend some cheap cleaning agents that you should consider in Canberra.

cheap end of lease in canberra

The cost of end-of-lease cleaning in Canberra is determined by the property's size and condition. Cleaning a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment costs roughly $280 on average. Similarly, cleaning a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house costs $400 on average.


In the Canberra, QueenBee cleaning service provides a variety of cleaning services. The QueenBee cleaning crew is led by team leaders with 5- star hotel management experience but the price is absolutely reasonable on every cleaning packages. With end of lease cleaning, the price is just from $99 with 100% bond back package, 7 days guarantee after the cleaning completion. After booking, QueenBee's friendly staffs will arrive to your home or business at your convenience, equipped with the necessary professional cleaning products and ecologically friendly materials.


The cost of hiring a basis hourly cleaner is between $30 and $50. Some may charge much more, depending on a variety of conditions. If the cleaning tasks can be completed in 1-2 hours, this pricing is usually quite low. But there are two things you will wonder: How long will it take to clean my house/office? or How many cleaners will I need for this job? You won't be able to control how long hourly cleaners work. Sometimes, they will work stretching out so they can do the least for a long time. You will waste time and have no rest if you keep a tight eye on each cleaner's work. So, the advice is, you should agree on specific work and cleaning time, then work so that both parties feel comfortable.

cheap end of lease cleaning in canberra


YS Cleaning Service has an average price compared to the end-of-lease cleaning price in Canberra. Prices may vary if the property is large, messy, or dirty on the day of the job; an inspection will be performed prior to the start of the job; a bond will be provided; and a redo will be provided within three days of the real estate check and cleaning. The price for cleaning a studio flat is $215; one to two bed-rooms is $245 to $310; and two-bed-houses to three-bed-houses is from $320 to $440.


For more than a decade, ACT Bond Cleaners has provided low-cost professional cleaning services. Their cutting-edge equipment, together with their years of hard work, will ensure that your landlord or real estate agent is entirely satisfied to refund the full amount of your money when your lease expires. They offer a one-bedroom house cleaned for $324, which includes comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning except carpets.

Whenever you have demand on end of lease cleaning services in Canberra, QueenBee is the best of your choice ever.

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