Top 8 Trusted End Of Lease Cleaning Services In Canberra

For a variety of reasons, the end of a lease is a critical period for both the renter and the landlord of rented property. One of the most important is the end-of-lease cleaning, which is required for a successful move out. Every renter in Canberra and other Australian cities is responsible for the final cleaning of leased property.

Depending on time, knowledge, and other circumstances, the tenant can do it themselves or engage skilled end of lease cleaning services in Canberra. Both are acceptable possibilities, but the latter is required under the lease contract signed at the beginning of a tenancy. End-of-lease cleaning is a critical duty, and here are top 8 trusted end of lease cleaning service in Canberra

1. QueenBee Cleaning Service

QueenBee cleaning service has extensive experience in cleaning, particularly office cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and end of lease cleaning. They've been working with Canberra real estate agents for a long time, so they're well-versed in the full process and regulations for lease termination and return. They are delighted to be acknowledged by the industry and 90% of Canberra real-estate agents, and choosing the end of lease cleaning service in QueenBee will ensure you get your deposit back in full. Moreover, QueenBee also has a variety of end of lease cleaning packages with perfect prices, from only $99. As a result, QueenBee cleaning service is an excellent solution for your end-of-lease cleaning requirements that we recommend.

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2. ACT Bond Cleaners 

ACT Bond cleaning is one of Canberra's most trusted end of lease cleaning services, with client happiness as its top focus. They offer a money-back guarantee and can help you get your bond returned quickly and efficiently. ACT Bond Cleaners began as a family business in Canberra many years ago. They've developed solid client relationships and grown to become one of Canberra's premier end-of-lease cleaning agents.

3. Mint Cleaning Group

Mint Cleaning Group, with 4.8/5 ratings based on 117 google reviews, is another trusted end of lease cleaning services in Canberra to consider. They conduct end-of-lease cleaning to a very high standard, ensuring that you receive your bond returned. If not, Mint Cleaning will correct the cleaning faults free of charge within three days after the inspection. However, they occasionally receive negative criticism concerning their professionalism and customer service.

4. Gift4mum Cleaning

Gift4mum Cleaning ACT's strength is putting customers' health first and prioritizing the usage of ecologically safe products. They are run by cleaners that have a lot of expertise and are well-trained. They take pride in the fact that all of the chemicals they employ are both safe and environmentally friendly. They believe that is the greatest way to safeguard our clients' health against allergies and infections. However, this cleaning business occasionally encounters difficulties in agreeing on cleaning hours with consumers and getting complaints.

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5. Blue Cleaning Group Pty Ltd

Blue Cleaning Group Pty Ltd is a well-known cleaning company in Canberra and the surrounding areas. They strongly believe in the value of relationships, which is reflected in our high repeat contracts and personnel retention rate. Their company is dedicated to professionalism and attention to detail. Their dedicated crew is not only well-trained and experienced, but they also take ownership of your projects and are committed to providing the best solution. However, this cleaning service received some bad feedback about inconsistency in cleaning time and scope, as well as cleaning quality that was not adequate for the price, therefore our advice is to fully negotiate details in the contract.

6. Mr Guru

Mr Guru is a Canberra-based cleaning service provider. They provide low-cost, dependable, and adaptable cleaning services to make your life easier. For all of their general services, they use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and equipment. They are quite professional with a variety of services in the end of lease package that you can customize for your needs. Your feedback is also answered in a clearly defined manner. However, you also need to carefully research the prices of all services as well as monitor the cleaning staff carefully because there has been some negative feedback about the high prices and the cleaning work not being as clean as expected.

7. Get Clean ACT

Get Clean ACT, with its expert cleaning team, is likewise a dependable option. They can supply you with the stress-free upkeep you require. Get Clean Act concentrates on deep hygienic cleanings with only the highest quality materials and cleaning processes available in the market. Their assured services include following a checklist to ensure a complete clean for our clients. The majority of consumers are pleased with the service provided here.

8. Aussie Duo Cleaning Service

Exit cleaning is available at Aussie Duo Cleaning Service. Basically, you may reserve this service instantly and cancel it quickly as well. They have many sites in Australia's eastern regions and prioritize client satisfaction and service quality. They are also a cleaning service that obtains a lot of excellent comments, although it appears that there are occasions when the cleaning team is late or not on time.

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