Top Interesting Facts About Cleaning Industry In 2021

Cleaning is a necessary part of life in every house and business. The necessity of maintaining a clean living and working environment is not only practical, but research indicates that it also affects mental health. Cluttered and dirty spaces might make you feel distracted, impairing your capacity to be productive.

As the year draws to a close, QueenBee thought it would be great to offer some interesting facts about commercial and office cleaning in 2021 that you may not have known. So, let's get started.

1. Top Cleaning Statistics and Facts from Around the World

This isn't a waste of time if you review all these statistics and facts to appreciate the critical nature of professional cleaning for your home, office, and other residential and commercial spaces.

  • 98% of office employees will develop a contagious disease at some point throughout their careers due to inadequate office cleaning.
  • 7% of women and 15% of men confess to not washing their hands after using the restroom at work.
  • The regular employee spends between 50% and 60% of their time at the workplace. This implies that maintaining a tidy workplace should be a priority.
  • Compared to the toilet seat, workplace desks seem to be 400 times more contaminated.
  • Nearly a third of all employees report that their workplace aggravates their allergy symptoms, costing the UK £7.1 billion in lost productivity each year. So a vacuum sweeper might be a blessing for patients in a dusty environment.
  • One-third of employees report that their workplace aggravates allergy symptoms. As a result, a vacuum sweeper seems helpful in this dusty atmosphere.
  • A typical mattress contains between 100,000 and ten million dust mites.
  • The kitchen sink is a breeding ground for more germs than the toilet. So yes, you should wash your kitchen sink thoroughly, not simply rinse it.
  • Mold may develop in the garbage can's bottom. Mold thrives in wet environments, so add 1/2 cup of borax to the bottom of the garbage can to absorb mold-causing moisture.
  • Certain bacteria may survive for several hours on dry surfaces (such as toys) and up to three days on moist surfaces (such as the bathroom sink).
  • Only 25% of office employees say their workplace is cleaned to an acceptable standard.
  • On average, 55% of cleaning firm contracts are lost due to poor service.
  • According to experts in London, if everyone washed their hands consistently, a million fatalities may be avoided each year.
  • In most foodborne illness outbreaks, outbreaks have been transmitted through contaminated hands. Therefore, handwashing properly will help to lower the risk of foodborne disease and other illnesses.

2. The Reason That You Should Hire Professional Cleaners

When people clean their offices or homes, they do not use professional solutions or equipment; instead, they use a broom and a wiper, which do not eliminate germs and bacteria that build within the house. Additionally, everyone lacks the necessary cleaning and wiping skills to keep a place clean and neat. Thus, contact professionals are the best method to ensure that your home or office is clear of germs and, ultimately, sickness.

  • 90% of professional cleaners in the USA rely on mechanical gadgets to aid them; the remainder seems to be knackered.
  • Nearly 85% of people are unaware of green cleaning, which is conducted in a manner that helps both people and the environment but is also long-term sustainable. As a result, numerous commercial cleaning businesses opted out of the procedure to shift responsibility for less continuous cleaning to another.
  • The commercial cleaning industry is growing at about 28% year on year, which is faster than the overall economy's growth rate of 14%.
  • The commercial cleaning business in the United Kingdom employs about 448,400 individuals in 32,000 separate organizations.
  • The top 1% of cleaning businesses (320) account for more than 50% of all jobs.
  • Office cleaning accounted for 31% of the commercial cleaning industry's income, or £5.6 billion each year.
  • Each year, millions of workdays are lost due to the common cold; about 50 million days are lost in the United States. This reduces productivity, particularly when a cold spreads across the business and sickens much staff.


That concludes our collection of fascinating commercial cleaning facts! We hope you liked reading these commercial cleaning facts and that they will help you make the best decision possible when it comes to cleaning your home or workplace in 2022.

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