What Is Commercial Cleaning?

First of all, commercial cleaning can be understood as a combination of conventional cleaning and modern cleaning. It is the combination of cleaning by hand with modern machinery, equipment, tools, specialized chemicals, optimal methods, modern processing processes ... (according to demand development) in order to bring the highest benefit to people. All of that is a necessary and sufficient factor to form a commercial cleaning service, creating conditions for this service to develop and affirm its importance as it is today.

Early commercial cleaning services have existed for a long time, possibly in the 50s of the 20th century. The first countries to apply commercial cleaning in the world were the US, Germany, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, …and even Asian countries like Japan, Korea, etc.

Companies that hire people to clean and then provide corporate cleaning services are known as Commercial Cleaning Companies. They are contracted to perform cleaning jobs across various locations. Commercial cleaning companies provide cleaning services by wisely trained professional cleaners.

What Type of Cleaning is Included in Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are divided into two types as follows:

  • Package cleaning: general cleaning of the building (cleaning the entire building from top to bottom, inside and out, including cleaning glass, aluminum frames, inner and outer walls, etc.), furniture (floor cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, chair, curtain, mattress...)
  • Periodic cleaning (1-3 months/time), hourly cleaning: Cleaning part or the entire building in use, repetitive activities according to the time package.


Along with the development of the commercial cleaning service industry, cleaning companies have launched many different cleaning services to suit the different circumstances such as:

+ House cleaning service: For families in the city which the whole family has to work outside and do not have time to clean the house, using the house cleaning service before or after the holidays, or events is the smartest choice. When doing house cleaning, cleaning staff will have to vacuum, sweep cobwebs, take out trash, clean furniture, polish floors and meet the cleaning requirements of the homeowner.

+ Cleaning after construction: After finishing the construction process, the building often has a lot of dirty mixtures such as glue, paint, cement on the walls, floors, furniture, etc. Without efficient cleaning methods and specialized cleaning equipment, the operator will spend a lot of time and effort to achieve the highest cleaning efficiency. This is also the reason why you should hire a construction cleaning service so that the staff can help you solve all cleaning problems as quickly as possible.

+ Carpet cleaning service: Carpets make the space more luxurious and attractive. However, cleaning thick and heavy carpets is not easy. Carpets are made from many different materials such as: Cotton, fleece, brocade, silk, synthetic, etc. Depending on the material of carpet, the staff will use chemicals and appropriate cleaning methods.

+ Sofa and mattress cleaning service: Similar to carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning also requires a certain understanding of materials such as: Leather cover, leatherette, fleece, synthetic, .... To clean fast, you will need professional staff with many years of experience and the ability to handle difficult situations on the sofa.

+ Office cleaning service: In companies, there is often a need for a one-time total office cleaning package or hourly cleaning with the hiring of one or more cleaning staff to work daily.

+ Factory cleaning service: The factory is a production area and a working space for many workers, so the hygiene issue here is always concerned by businesses. Cleaning services with sufficient human resources, modern sanitary equipment such as sweepers and specialized chemicals are the best choice to ensure a clean and tidy working environment for all workers. Therefore, product quality is guaranteed.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

  • Save time and costs.
  • Provide the highest cleaning efficiency compared to traditional, manual cleaning.
  • Bring a comfortable, clean and safe living and working environment to ensure health and create the most convenient conditions to focus on living activities, taking care of family and bringing benefits to society.

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