What Is Included In Office Cleaning?

Providing a clean office environment plays an important role in the contribution of a modern, efficient organization. Cleanliness is paramount to a company's brand personality and customer perception. It also has an important role in employee health and well-being and can directly affect productivity through the prevention of absenteeism. Therefore, many businesses have turned to professional office cleaning service companies to ensure the best cleaning work and save costs.

Classification of office cleaning

1. Daily office cleaning (full time)

Full-time daily office cleaning services are often chosen by large businesses, when they have a large space and a lot of cleaning work. 

In particular, during the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, daily office cleaning has become more and more necessary as well as weekly/monthly disinfection.

2. Hourly office cleaning 

Businesses/companies can also choose to hire office cleaning for a certain time (hourly) to save time and costs.

3. Disinfect & Sanitize the office from time to time

+ Office cleaning and disinfecting in the  covid time

+ Office cleaning after construction

+ Cleaning the office to welcome events (signing contracts, birthdays, organization exchanges, events...)

+ General office cleaning by month, year, before holidays

 4. Intensive items cleaning in office

+ Glasses

+ Floors

+ Lights

+ Ceiling

+ Walls

+ Logos, signs

+ Full disinfection

What is included in office cleaning?

1. Partitions and office glass doors cleaning

In order to optimize the office space to be larger and have enough natural light, glass materials are commonly used in the design of office windows. Therefore, cleaning office glass doors is the first job that cannot be ignored to keep the aesthetics of the company and the workplace environment.

  • Use glass cleaner, non-foaming glass cleaner, strong neutral detergent to completely remove dirt, including window frame cleaning, window vacuum treatment.
  • For some stubborn cement stains, glue stains can be removed with a special knife. Ensure clarity and brightness, not easy to stain, remove fingerprints.
2. Office cleaning for comprehensive dust removal

    Comprehensive dust removal of the whole office should be done every day: use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to vacuum and use a cleaner to wipe all material surfaces from countertops, floorboards, chairs, shelves to the furniture.

    3. Floors cleaning

      Office floors need to be swept and mopped periodically every day to ensure clean dust, stains and aesthetics.

      • For wooden floors, attention should be paid to proper cleaning with a professional mop and dust remover solution to avoid damage.
      • For tile or granite floor and other types of stone, it should be done with an imported scrubber and stone cleaner, then a vacuum cleaner to make the floor cleaner and easier to clean.

      office cleaning in Canberra

      4. Carpet cleaning

        For some offices that use carpets, it is recommended to periodically wash office carpets using specialized chemicals, which are still ensuring cleanliness and durability for carpets. Remove lint on carpet and thoroughly clean carpet surface.

        5. Dining area and WCs sanitization

        These are also the two most frequently used places, so it is inevitable that they will be unsanitary and contain many harmful bacteria. It should be cleaned daily and intensively cleaned periodically.

        Use neutral detergents, highly effective degreasers, strong toilet cleaners, with targeted external treatments such as descaling and disinfection. 

        QueenBee Cleaning provides professional and efficient office cleaning services and of course disinfecting & sanitizing service during the covid time in Canberra and Sydney, please contact us if you have any demand for your business.

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