Why Didn't I Use An End Of Lease Cleaning Service Sooner?

Nothing can be more upsetting than losing your hard-earned bond at the end of your lease. According to government rules, particularly in countries such as Australia, you must ensure that your rental properties, such as houses or apartments, are cleaned before you move out in order to receive the whole deposit.

Maintaining absolute cleanliness in all rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom, on the other hand, can be a difficult effort, especially if you have a finicky host. Make sure you pay attention to every nook and cranny before your final inspection, whether it's a dirty window or a damaged kitchen wall. It's better to contact a professional for information on cleaning at the end of lease so you can receive your full bond back without any conflict. That's why, in this post, we've compiled our top six reasons why you should hire a professional end of lease cleaning service to handle this task for you.

end of lease cleaning in canberra

So without further advertising, here are the advantages:


A professional end of lease agent will ensure that you have a 100 percent bond refund guarantee or that you will receive your deposited money back before you leave the property. This is, in reality, the key selling point of all the businesses in your neighborhood.

End of lease cleaning agent like QueenBee appreciate your money and will complete entire end of lease cleaning operations in your house, leaving behind a sparkling clean kitchen, bathroom, carpets, balcony, and oven.


Nothing surpasses a professional bond cleaning business when it comes to cleanliness, as they can thoroughly follow an end of lease cleaning checklist to guarantee every area of your home is cleaned.

The cleaning checklist, according to the norm, covers three major areas in your home/apartment:

  • Bedrooms and dining room
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen

Furthermore, traditional vacating cleaning services would include carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, and balcony cleaning to ensure that every vital location is fully cleaned. If you prefer to handle the work yourself, you may wind up leaving a corner or two unclean, resulting in the loss of your entire deposit.


Another benefit of choosing a vacate cleaning company is that most of them will have insurance in your area. End-of-lease cleaning companies are no longer permitted to operate publicly if they do not have insurance. However, this will depend on where you live and the laws of your government.

end of lease cleaning in canberra

Insurance and warranties are essential because they assure that the company will be held accountable for any losses or damages that occur during the cleaning procedure. Some of the most common scenarios in which damage is likely to occur are damage caused by powerful cleaning solutions, mishaps when removing persistent stains, or cleaning in delicate spots such as window glasses.

So, before hiring an end of lease cleaning service, make sure you check for insurance or inquire about the facts.


We've all experienced how unpleasant and time-consuming it is to move out. To begin, you must pack all of your belongings, dispose of any waste or unnecessary objects, and ensure that no critical items are left behind.

Clearing things out and inspecting the property will take you days, if not weeks, not to mention the requirement to locate a company to move the stuff out. If you also need to clean up your rental property, you can imagine how much time you'll need to devote to the complete process.

Hiring professionals to clean up your leased property before moving out ensures that you can save your valuable time and spend it on more important things.


As previously stated, hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service will help you save a significant amount of time, which will assist speed the moving out process and remove all of the strain and worry that must be spent during this time.

Furthermore, this will help you save money on cleaning. If you clean the property yourself, you will most likely need to purchase a variety of cleaning solutions and equipment to do tasks such as disinfecting floors, cleaning windows and cobwebs, doorknobs, and so on.

So it is preferable to delegate the task to specialists who are equipped with all of these tools, which will make your life easier and lower the overall cost. Sure, you'll have to pay for their services, but it'll still be lot less expensive than doing the cleaning yourself.


Last but not least, the quality of cleaning work performed by your cleaners will amaze your landlord. You can expect only the best quality cleaning work if you use professional cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, and follow a rigorous vacate cleaning checklist.

Most end-of-lease cleaning companies have a no-clean, no-fee policy, which basically means that if you don't get your full bond back, they won't charge you a thing. So you can be confident that once the cleaning is completed, your landlord will be impressed and will return your full deposit amount.


And here are all of the benefits of hiring a professional to clean your leased property. Sure, you can always use the QueenBee approach, but in the end, it's far easier and less expensive to hire specialists, unless you really know what you're doing.

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