Work Details And Practical School Cleaning Solutions

Because school is an area where many intellectual learning activities as well as physical activities take place for a large number of students and children, it is always focused on facilities, particularly in terms of sanitation. School hygiene is a primary priority in order to provide kids with a clean and safe learning environment. The general cleaning of schools cannot be summed up in the same way that cleaning residences and flats can. Because the school contains several locations such as campus, classrooms, play area, campus, and so on, the cleaning task is much more diverse and complex.

So, how do we need to clean our schools? This post will answer this topic for you and QueenBee.

1. Cleaning public space

Cleaning jobs in schools will include:

  • Cutting the grass in the bonsai pots, routinely pruning and watering the trees, caring for the elderly trees, collecting waste at the trash cans of each class after school, and sweeping away the rubbish and falling leaves from the school yard.
  • Garage cleaning entails sweeping and vacuuming, brushing cobwebs, collecting debris, and constantly arranging cars to keep them neat and tidy.
  • Corridor cleaning entails sweeping and vacuuming the walls and equipment outside the corridor, such as electrical switches, signage, and fire prevention systems. Stair handrails and stairs must be cleaned and polished. After each lesson, the corridor must be cleaned.
  • Cleaning the classroom: For ceilings, walls, and boards, you must conduct a spider web scan. Thoroughly and thoroughly clean the lights, fans, walls and corners. clean the floor. Tables, chairs, student cabinets must be cleaned, garbage in the room must be collected and dumped in the right place. In addition, the door frames, glass doors and floors also need to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning school door and glass systems: This is one of the most used materials. Most classrooms will have a lot of glass windows. Over a period of time, the glass will be dusty, yellowed, even moldy, dirty. This will reduce the beauty of the school. Therefore, the glass windows in schools need to be cleaned, cleaned, and stained on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning the toilet areas: Collecting garbage, cleaning the walls, floors, cleaning the lavabo, mirror, toilet and deodorizing and disinfecting are the tasks you need to do. The cleaning of toilets at school must be done regularly or it will affect the health of students.
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    2. So how can we find effective solutions?

    Students are self-employed

    Students in the process of studying and living at school can participate in cleaning work for the school. This has certain advantages, such as:

    • Helping to raise awareness of environmental sanitation: The school's act of letting student clean classrooms and schools will help raise awareness of environmental sanitation.
    • Help them understand the value and meaning of work. When students take steps to clean schools and classrooms by themselves, they themselves will understand the meaning of labor. From there, the children will be formed; always remember to maintain common hygiene.
    • Practice basic life skills: School cleaning is also a way to practice life skills for children. For example, they can arrange, clean, clean... their own space and personal belongings.

      Hire a professional cleaning unit

      Currently, choosing school cleaning services from reputable external units is used by many schools at all levels, from preschool to university, because it brings many benefits, such as:

      • Ensuring a standard learning and teaching environment
      • Your learning environment will always be kept clean. Schools can register for a variety of service packages, such as package cleaning services, periodic cleaning services, or those arising at the request of each school.
      • Work fast and save time.
      • Professional school cleaning companies can ensure a fast and optimal working process. Because they have a team of professionally trained staff. Since then, the rhythm of activities among students and staff at the school has not been disturbed.

      Clean everything easily.

      Sanitation companies in schools are always equipped with modern machines and equipment and safe chemicals, and they are always ready to replace them when needed. So it will be very easy to clean the entire area inside and outside the school.

      A professional cleaning team does not affect the school's work.


      Normally, each school will have its own cleaning staff when the school uses industrial cleaning services. Each area in the school will be supervised by industrial hygiene supervisors to ensure cleaning according to procedures and standards.

      As a unit specializing in providing cleaning services for homes, offices, and schools, we are confident that we can also provide our customers with the best services. In particular, the cleaning staff that we provide to the first schools is well-trained and thoroughly trained before receiving treatment. take the job. To learn more about our company, you can contact us at the following address:

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