Always Offer Reasonable Cleaning Prices

Cleaning services charge dependent on the size of house/building cost per room or cost each hour. Since each work is unique, most cleaning experts will only quote a final rate after doing a walk-through.
This helps them to give customers an overall view of what the services will cost, based on experience and the estimated time and resources required to do the cleaning.

The average cost to hire cleaner hourly in Australia is from $60 per hour. Some may even charge higher than this depending on many factors.
The questions here:
1. How many hours will it take to clean my house/my office?
2. How many cleaners do I need to do this cleaning?

You can do a quick calculation if you are hiring a 2-member cleaning team, you will be paying each professional house cleaner an hourly fee for their services.
With over 5 years of cleaning services experience, QueenBee offers you a very reasonable price on cleaning packages:
- Domestic cleaning from $120
- Office cleaning from $120
- Carpet steam cleaning from $100
- End of lease cleaning from $120
- Other cleaning services with reasonable price

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