Cleaning equipment

What is our service?

➢ Regular office cleaning service

(We take care of a wide range of cleaning tasks, depending on what you need). This includes floor, wall, glass door, window, celling, toilets,kitchen,office tables, telephones and computers, photocopier, rubbish removaland more.

➢ Commercial steam carpet cleaning serviceand stain busters

➢ Window cleaning service

➢ Disinfecting and SanitisingHospital grade deep clean and disinfection using steam sanitising commercial machine and disinfection cleaning product.

➢ Covid spray service

Why office cleaning?

✓ Cleanliness is a particularly important factor for good employee performance in any working environment.

✓ A Healthy building with cleaner air will come with an energy cost, but it could also increase office health and productivity.

✓ Your workers are returning to work following recovery from COVID-19

✓ 9 out of 10 employees are concerned about COVID-19

✓ High-touch areas like doorknobs and light switches, common areas will need particular attention.

✓ Raising concern about covid-19 which can also persist on surfaces can be solved by applying a professional cleaning and disinfection.


Our Customer left their reviews on QueenBee office cleaning services in Canberra and Sydney

We have been using Vinh and her wonderful team for at least 6 years. They are wonderful to deal with, do a brilliant job, are very professional and responsive. We highly recommend them.

Kristen Pratt

Our company has used QueenBee office cleaning service for 2 years. During the covid-19 time, we raise our awareness of sanitizing, and Queenbee is meeting our requirements and doing a very good job.


They are very professional, and good value for money, responsive and good quality cleans through out. They even retuned our rental property keys to real-estate. Thanks Queenbee.


I have used their services for standard regular cleaning as well as end of lease cleaning, and have been very satisfied with the level of professionalism in their work. I’ve also used their gardening service which was excellent. I am happy with their work and hence have them continue to do the regular services for me.

Dipendra Tamang

I have been using this company’s cleaners to clean our house for at least the last 3 years and will continue to do so. I have recommended these cleaners to a few friends over the years.

Mei Lee

QueenBee has been cleaning and maintaining our properties. They value customer satisfaction and take pride in their work. Would highly recommend QueenBee as Canberra's best value cleaning company.


We have been using queenbee cleaning services for five years, very professional, and good value for money, responsive and good quality cleans through out. They even retuned our rental property keys to realestate. Thanks Queenbee.

Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik