Cleaning Industry 2021: A Lookback

2020 and now 2021 have been difficult years for everyone. We have even had to adapt  to a 'new normal.' And as 2022 approaches, it seems that 'uncertainty' will be a part of our life for at least another year.

But, in the face of hardship, there has been strength and inventiveness. And we've seen the determination to "keep calm and go on," particularly in the cleaning business.

As 2021 draws to a close, with QueenBee, let's look back at how cleaning evolved in 2021 and anticipate office cleaning trends for 2022 in this article.

1. How was the cleaning sector changed in 2021?

There are two types of demand: low and high

Coronavirus continues to influence all of us. Although a vaccine is now available, the tier system remains in place, generating uncertainty for many firms. This has resulted in swings in demand from the company to business in the cleaning industry, and this is anticipated to continue in the next year:

  • It's been a difficult path for the hotel industry, and the tier system will determine the degree of demand for cleaning services.
  • Sports, leisure, and retail facilities have been given a lifeline with recent regulatory reforms, and demand will gradually increase.
  • Schools, hospitals, and workplaces will continue to demand a high quality of service.

An increase in daytime cleaning

Cleaning crews who arrived after everyone else had left are now working alongside their daytime counterparts. It's a significant shift for an industry that has grown used to working long hours alone. 

The switch to daytime cleaning has many advantages, including:

  • Continuous reinforcement to coworkers who use workplaces throughout the day
  • Immediate reaction to cleaning problems and more personalized customer service
  • The ability for customers to shut down workplaces at night, lowering security and lighting costs.
  • A larger pool of talent - people who were previously uncomfortable with solo work or unsociable hours may feel more at ease entering the field.

Automation should be used to assist employees rather than replace them

While the rest of the world is beginning to see the benefits of industrialization, the cleaning business was an early adopter. However, this year, we've witnessed an explosion in intelligent technology and digital solutions that has blown our minds!

Here are a few of our favorite inventions:

  • Intelligent solutions that can offer supervisors real-time information about the state of soap, paper, and towel dispensers.
  • Pumps for soap and hand sanitizer that don't need to be touched
  • Robotic caretakers can do high-risk tasks that humans are incapable of performing
  • To communicate timesheets, duties, and location data, use digital workforce management technologies like IQ: timecard.

Distributors and suppliers are stepping up creatively to assist their clients in cleaning more effectively

Cleaning firms increasingly depend on distributors to "simplify operations and save labor," freeing up workers for other duties. Distributors and other providers should visit their customers regularly and perform extensive audits, focusing on:

  • Plans of the floor
  • The amount of space
  • Cleaning methods
  • Other requirements
  • Cleaning intervals
  • Tools and supplies
  • Hours per week (FTE) (full-time equivalents)

Where are the customer traffic hotspots? How has the cleaning budget of the customer evolved in the previous year? Because all eyes are on cleaning right now, the cleaning firms must all be more proactive in their efforts.

2. Forecast office cleaning trends for 2022

In 2022, we will be venturing into the unknown. However, QueenBee believes several trends should never be overlooked as a professional cleaning business, such as:

  • Cleaning Has A Better Purpose: Before the pandemic, workplace cleaning was mainly focused on keeping up appearances. But now, cleaning is no longer about maintaining looks; it is now our strategy of combatting COVID-19.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues. At the moment, individuals have begun to look for companies that create items responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. As a result, cleaning companies must also consider lowering waste, such as paper towels. It must be an all-encompassing approach to sustainability. If you don't, customers will assume you're just riding the trend for the sake of chasing it.
  • Innovations In Technology: It has been shown that introducing technology into a professional cleaning service program boosts cleaning efficiency and quality. Furthermore, since today's generation is more technologically advanced than past generations, commercial cleaning companies must stay up with the need for new technology.

It isn't the end. QueenBee has compiled a list of unique office cleaning trends that you should not neglect. Maintaining current happenings and incorporating them into your offerings will provide you with a competitive edge in your cleaning business in 2022.

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