Homemade Cleaner #2: Essential Oil

Products made with essential oils are a great substitute for those found in stores.
They need very little work and are completely safe to make at home. Learn more about using essential oils for cleaning by reading on.

1. Which essential oils to choose?

Many of the advantages of aggressive cleaners are also offered by essential oils. These may consist of attributes such as: antifungal and antiseptic, antimicrobial, neutralizing
Selecting the essential oil to use in a do-it-yourself project depends on the goal you want to achieve with the cleaner. I suggest natual lemon, tea tree or peppermint essential oils.

queenbee cleaning essential oil

2. Homemade cleaner with essential oils

The following is the typical recipe for essential oil cleaners:

Assemble the components. Measure out three cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar, and ten to fifteen drops of your preferred essential oil. 
Combine the contents in a bottle.
To blend the ingredients, shake the bottle.
Apply the cleanser to all of the surfaces in your house.

3. Decide the purpose of cleanser

The purpose behind each essential oil cleanser recipe determine how to use it. For instance, the chemicals in an essential oils-based dishwasher detergent and an essential oils-based antibacterial cleaner will differ.

You're in luck if all you're looking for is an essential oil cleanser that you can use to clean surfaces all over the house. The procedure of creation is quite simple.

Hope it help you in cleaning.

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