How To Deep Clean Curtains and Blinds

Both blinds and curtains are excellent at drawing and holding on to dust and grime. So, it's time to deep clean your window to restore them to a respectable status.

In this article, we suggest the tips to clean metal/plastic blinds and washable curtains

1. How often to clean curtains and blinds

We suggest blinds should be cleaned monthly. The more often you clean them, the less disgusting it will be. You can set a reminder every month.

Curtains should be vacuumed every week. And it is better if you take them down and launder them 2-3 times a year. It can bring your house a new look and fresh air.

curtains and blinds cleaning

2. How to clean metal/plastic blinds

No need to worry about water causing metal/plastic blinds to warp, like what you do with wood blinds. It's very easy to take care of if you follow these steps:

  • Close blinds: Set your blinds are closed so that each individual slat is accessible
  • Dust blinds: Use a duster to dust your blinds
  • Clean with the multi-purpose cleaner or hand-made cleaner: Use a sponge to wipe down each slat, on the both side.
  • Final clean: Give blinds a final wipe down with a clean rag to remove soap.
  • Dry them out.

3. How to clean washable curtains.

Curtains need more regular cleaning than blinds. 

  • Take out curtain weights and hooks.
  • Remove dust: Shake the curtains outside your house or vacuum the curtains.
  • Wash them: Depending on the fabric, follow the individual cleaning directions for the curtains.
  • Dry them out: Curtains may be dried by hanging them up or by using a gentle, low heat cycle in the dryer.
  • Dust and clean the windows, window sills, curtain tracks, and curtain rods while waiting the curtains for being dried.
  • Iron the curtains lengthwise from the inside while they are still moist.
  • Hang the curtains back.

Both blinds and curtains accumulate dirt easily. If cleaning your blinds and curtains is prioritized, not only will it elongate the lifespan of your window, but your house will feel better.


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