Ready For Kitchen Cleaning In This Spring

It's time to refresh your kitchen after the stillness of winter. This is the checklist for you when doing spring cleaning your kitchen.

1. Clean up the mess

This is the very first step: Remove clutter before cleaning.
Clutter can include expired food, empty bottles, old kitchen stuff not in used...
No matter how messy your kitchen is, decluttering before you start spring cleaning will make it easier to clean every corner of the kitchen.

2. Clean the Cabinets

Clean out your cabinets and pantry first to get a clear idea of ​​how to organize them.
Clean thoroughly and continue by organizing your furniture according to usage.
Steps to clean up:
1. Empty them out
2. Clean high to low
3. Handle hinges and hardware right
4. Clean the contents

3. Kitchen Sink and Faucet Cleaning

Scrub the faucet and handle with a sponge, then rinse with a damp cloth.
In most cases, simply wiping the faucet with a soft sponge and soapy water will leave it looking like new.
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in soapy water to scrub hard-to-reach areas on handles and faucets.
At the same time, scrub the nooks and crannies of the sink.

4. Dishwasher cleaning

Clean your dishwasher to prevent the buildup of food residue and soap scum. 
Monthly cleaning and not to forget the filter, which may be dirtier than you think.
Male sure to clean out any food or dirt, and throw away anything stuck inside.

5. Oven cleaning

Cleaning the oven after winter cooking is an important part of spring kitchen cleaning. Make the job easier by using steam to soften grease and dirt from surfaces before cleaning. Don't forget to polish your gas, electric or ceramic stovetop and drip pan if applicable.

6. Refrigerator cleaning

Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator. Start by emptying everything (use the cooler to keep food cold), then clean the inside of your refrigerator or freezer.
When cleaning outside, remember to move the machine away from the wall so you can vacuum the fan and coil behind to help the machine operate more efficiently.
If you want to make some cleaners, here are 3 natural and handmade recipes for you to clean up you house.
Hope the checklist help you to take a look and refresh your kitchen in the spring.


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