What Are 6 Common Cleaning Mistakes?

Here are some common cleaning mistakes that people often make:

1. No cleaning plan and order

Honestly, when cleaning at home, you often don't pay attention to make a simple plan to clean. You start cleaning at the most messy area instead of an order. Cleaning from the ground up makes it next to impossible to get rid of dust and dirt effectively. When you clean from top to bottom, dust and debris naturally fall to the lower surfaces, making it easier to clean those afterward.

2. Using too much cleaner

People often think that more cleaning product equals better cleaning results. It may lead to using excessive amounts of cleaner on the items in your house. Thus, you may use more if needed. It causes waste of your money and damages the surface.

3. Using one cloth for cleaning

It's easy to use one cloth to clean everywhere. However it will spread germs around surfaces. Remember to use freshly washed cloths for each room in the home and disinfect them daily to kill bacteria.

4. Forget Cleaning Under Furniture

You often clean on the surface of furniture in your house but forget to clean its underside. Dust tends to accumulate under furniture, so it’s important to make a habit of cleaning this area

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5. Using Harsh Cleaners

Using harsh cleaners in your home can damage surfaces over time. As natural cleansers are gentler on your floors, furniture, appliances, and other surfaces, choose ones devoid of dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, a lot of strong cleaners are packaged in non-biodegradable or non-recyclable materials, which adds to waste. 

6. Not Following Product Instruction

Even when it comes to natural cleaners, it’s important to read and follow product descriptions as there are certain steps and products that cannot be combined for both safety and effectiveness.

Avoiding 6 common cleaning mistakes won’t just ensure your home is properly cleaned; it will also make the process easier on you in the days to come. If you looking for a professional cleaning company, you can contact Queenbee Cleaning for many services in Canberra and Sydney.

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